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Programme for children on first aid awareness.

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Mangaluru, May 19, 2018: The Department of Emergency Medicine, Paediatrics and Community Medicine, Kasturba Hospitals and Medical College, organised a first aid care awareness programme that focusses on the pre-hospital care for children.

"The term ’first aid’ means ’help given to a sick or injured person, until full medical treatment is available’. The components of first aid include to preserve life, to prevent further harm and to promote recovery. First aid is simple and life-saving. Many lives are saved through first aid given before the emergency services arrive," said the speakers.

There was demonstration of common real-life situations of fainting/syncope, choking episodes, eye injuries, bleeding from nose, care of burns and bleeding wounds, immobilisation and splinting of fractures.

Proper hand-wash techniques and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) was also stressed upon. Role plays and one-on-one interaction with the children demonstrating hands on first aid care for the scenarios were conducted. The importance of staying calm, scene safety measures, adopting recovery position and call for help were also reinforced.

The programme was conducted for 130 children (aged 6-12 years) of Early Learning Centre, Bejai Kapikad.

Dr Anand Venugopal, Medical Superintendent, KMC Hospitals, Mangaluru, said, “Many a times, at the site of the incident, public gather around to witness the incident and spend more time on taking photos/selfies or videos of the situation, instead of attending to the victim by providing basic medical facilities before shifting the victim to hospital centre for further management. Thus, we are targeting the budding youth population, to make them realise the need and importance of first aid care.”