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Wrong parking causes chaos near Statebank

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Mangaluru, May 6, 2018: Police have taken much care to keep traffic system efficient for Prime Minister Narendra Modi visit  Saturday, May 5. Multiple restrictions are in place on vehicular movement and parking from 8 am to 9 pm.

At around noon, during peak hour traffic, the owner of a luxury car parked his car haphazardously on the wrong side opposite the fish market at State Bank, causing chaos for about half an hour on May 5.

The person parked his luxury car and went to buy fish. Only cars and rickshaws could pass behind the big car.

This particular road has two lanes. Buses rarely use the lane opposite the fish market is by as they use the other lane. However, a bus that came through this lane could not pass due to the wrong parking of the car. Many vehicles stuck behind the bus could not move at all. A traffic policeman who was nearby came to the spot and locked the tyre of the car, as people tried to locate the driver of the car.

This caused a jam at the Hamilton Circle as vehicles could not pass. If the police did not clear the traffic, it would extend to A B Shetty Circle within no time, which is closer to the venue Modi is visiting.

Luckily, the owner returned after his purchase and greeted with abuses from people gathered there.

It took ten minutes to locate the policeman who had locked the tyre of the car and the problem was ultimately solved. The man apologised, and the policeman told him, “Luckily, you came. Otherwise the situation would have been bad.”

A street vendor told the owner”I told you to park the car properly as there was enough space. But you argued with me. Now you know why I was insisting.”
However, this sort of misuse of the road and more so the walking space is common at this vital point along the State bank and DC office. pedestrians have no space to walk and authorities have no concern, this only came to light due to PMs security in place that day.