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Three persons get 6 year old kids organs

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Mangaluru, Mar 10, 2018: Parents and next of kin of a six-year-old girl from Chitradurga, who was diagnosed with Meningioma and was declared brain dead, have donated heart, liver, kidney and cornea to needy. She was in A J Hospital and Research Centre for further management.

Later, she was declared brain dead on the early hours of  March 8, Thursday. On learning the child’s brain death, parents voluntarily decided to donate her organs.

Soon after learning the family’s wish, it was conveyed to Jeevasarthakathe (Transplant Authority of Karnataka) personnel who in turn activated the Organ Retrieval Team and the recipient list for the organs. After necessary legal clearances, the team came from Bengaluru to retrieve the organs.

Her heart has been allocated to a nine-year-old boy suffering from cardiac ailment and liver to a nine-year-old with a liver disorder. Both heart and liver are transplanted in two different hospitals in Bengaluru. Kidneys were transplanted at A J Hospital. Corneas are kept in eye bank. The retrieved organs were transported from A J Hospital to the Mangaluru Airport by creating a green corridor.

Both kidneys were transplanted to an adult. This is a rare surgery where En Bloc kidney transplantation is done. This requires precision in surgery and takes long hours. The recipient is recuperating.