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Recent Converts to Christianity Accused of Forcible Conversion Attempts

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Mangalore, Nov 3: The group of Bhajarangdal activists conducted a raid at P C Court Apartment located behind Attavar KMC Hospital at late evening on Tuesday November 3.

Shiva, who works as the security guard at at the P C Apartment have filed a complaint at the Pandeshwar Police Station with the help of Bhajarangdal activists that the hindu converted Christians residing in the apartment were making an attempts to forcibly convert him to Christianity.

The accused Ripson and other hindu converted christians including Manjunath Pandit and Ashalatha offered him the bible and forced him to recite it daily. Later when Shiva informed the matter to the Bhajarangdal activists, they conducted the raid at the flat during prayer time.

In his complaint, he stated that the Manjunath Pandit and Ripson, forced him to read the Bible daily and attend for the prayer. The Pandeshwar Police have arrested Manjunath Pandit and Ripson, when they found 50 books in the flat related to religious conversion.