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Shree Krishna Mutt Lakshadeepotsava Makes Udupi Shine

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Udupi, November 1, 2009: Paryaya Shri Puttige Mutt Seer Shri Sugunendra Tirtha Swami inaugurated the annual Lakshadeepotsava of Shree Krishna Mutt on Friday. 

The festivities commenced immediately after Tulasi Pooja in the evening of Utthana Dwadashi.

The idols were brought from the sanctum sanctorum at the end of the Chaturmasya Vratha for the regular Rathotsava. 

Car Street dazzled with the light of lakhs of lamps. The chariot bearing the images of Shri Krishna Mukyaprana, Ananteshwara, Chandramoulishwara was taken in a procession. The bursting of crackers added to the festive atmosphere, and teams of bhajan singers sang the most moving bhajans. A saxophone contest was also organized. 

Tourists as well as devotees enjoyed the lakshadeepotsava, which is usually organized for 3 days, but is extended this year till November 3.