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Police Bring Mohan Kumar to Mangalore

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Mangalore, October 31,2009: Serial killer Mohan Kumar allegedly used to purchase small bottles to store cyanide tablets at a shop on Market Road in Mangalore. He also allegedly sold the jewelry he stole from his victims at a jewelry shop in the city. Police, therefore, brought the alleged serial killer to Mangalore for further investigation. 

Meanwhile, police had uncovered additional information on 4 women who had disappeared and died at 4 different places and on 4 different dates. These women died of cyanide poisoning at Madikeri bus stand on April 21, 2006 and at a bus stand in Lashkar, Mysore, on June 4, 2005, July 25, 2007, and November 23, 2006. But Mohan claims that he has nothing to do with these cases. 

The police have invited the public to contact them if they happen to know anything about the above-mentioned cases.