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Court Order Prevents Fishermen from Drying Fish in Kudru

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Mangalore, October 30,2009: The citizens of Mangalore might be saved the sight of large swarms of flies because the point of origin of these flies, the fish drying yards in Kudru, will finally be shut down. The second additional civil judge (senior division) has given an order that permanently prohibits fishermen from drying fish in Kudru. 

The order is the result of a five-year-long legal battle fought by Ullal Rathnakar Nayak, the general secretary of Old Bunder Wholesale Kirana Merchants’ Association, with the support of certain other individuals and organizations. The first, second, and third respondents were the department of inland waterways, the port officer of old port, and the deputy commissioner who represented the state government. 

Before giving the order, the court had studied certain reports prepared by the experts of College of Fisheries and NIT-K Surathkal about how fish drying activities in Kudru from September to December gave rise to Mangalore’s fly problems. Besides, videotapes of the area were also submitted to the court. Besides, the court commissioner personally paid a visit to the sport. 

Nayak had gone to court after the authorities concerned had failed to provide a solution to the problem in spite of repeated petitions and media reports on the flies created by the Kudru fish drying yards.

Nayak hopes that the respondents would now be able to take strict action against the organizations and individuals drying fish in Kudru with the help of the court order. If they fail to do so, they would be booked for contempt of court.