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Farmers Lose Watermelon Crop in Karwar

13 October 2009

Farmers in Karwar have lost not only their houses and property, but also their valuable crops of paddy and watermelon. The recent storms and the subsequent floods have made everybody’s life miserable in Karwar. 

Besides paddy, some farmers had begun growing watermelons on their lands. In fact, farmers in Ulaga, Ambrayi, Bhaira, Hanakona, Beluru, Kadiye, Halaga, Gopasitta, Balni, Khagra, Devulamakki, and Keravadi grew watermelon this year. 

During the previous 2-3 years, watermelon farmers suffered losses because the demand for watermelons was low. This year, the demand for watermelons rose, but farmers lost their crops owing to the flood. 

The aggrieved farmers now expect the district authorities to compensate them.