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No reasons to open fire: Veerendrakumar

Mangalore Today News Network 2009-11-10 18:30:00

Mangalore, Nov 17: M P Veerendrakumar, the Janatha Dal (S) leader, accused the police of needlessly opening fire at Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) workers last Sunday. He said: “Opening fire on IUML workers was absolutely unnecessary; moreover, the police did not follow the stipulated norms before opening fire.” 

In the first place, alleged the JD(S) leader, the police had not provided adequate security. Apparently, they had no idea that the convention was a grand-scale affair attended by senior IUML leaders such as Panakkad Hyderali Shihab Thangal, the state president. The number of policemen providing security to this large programme was inadequate. This was the cause for the disturbance of law and order on that day, alleged the leader. 

He even alleged that the incident is being given a communal flavor by vested interests and demanded that the government take the necessary steps to investigate the issue. 

Veerendra Kumar, head of the UDF delegation appointed to analyse the situation, said that the government must take steps to restore law and order to the area, which has been severely disturbed for the past few days. 

On Sunday, police opened fire on an unruly mob of IUML activisits who were not permitting the them to clear a traffic snarl caused by an unscheduled bike rally organized by IUML. An IUML activist died in the process. Another IUML activist was stabbed by unknown persons when he was boarding a bus.