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Tulu Classes Commence in Udupi

16 October 2009

The Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy has started Tulu classes for non Tulu speaking people under the programme “Bale Tulu Kalpuga”. 

Dr. Palthadi Ramakrishna Achar, the president of the Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy, spoke during the inauguration of these classes and said that language has a crucial role to play in the expansion of culture.  He said: “Language improves knowledge and familiarity with local languages help on to get acquainted with the traditional and cultural aspects of the region.”

In his inaugural speech, Dr. Bhaskarananda Kumar, the president of Udupi Tulu Koota, said: “Tulu should be supported in all possible ways. Attempts should be made to introduce the language in government offices.” 

Dr. Padmanabha Kekunnaya, the member of Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy; Registrar Chandrahas Rai; Mr. Vasanth Shetty, the president of Delhi Tulu Development Association, and many others were also present at the inauguration of these Tulu classes.