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Cardamom Restaurant Organizes Goan Food Festival

Mangalore Today News Network 2009-11-10 18:30:00

Mangalore, Nov 14: The 10-day Goan Food Festival was inaugurated in the Cardamom Restaurant of Hotel Gateway on Nov 13. The festival will conclude on Nov 22.

The restaurant has been specially decorated with Kondo, Lampyo, Nisteh Dorpanche, Kantulo, and Jaal to look like a Goan seaside village. The festival not only includes mouth-watering Goan cuisine, but also melodious Konkani music and Goan Baila.

Francisco Pereira and Sydney D’Souza, chefs who hail from Goa, will be cooking a wide variety of chicken dishes, sea food, salads, vegetable curries, mutton dishes, sweets, and so on. 

The restaurant will serve special prawn curries with coconut juice, which enhances the taste of fresh prawns, and classic Goan dishes such as Chicken Chaferian, pasta, and Mutton Xacuti served with rice and delicious mocktails.

The festival has something for vegetarians too. For instance, special sweet dishes called dodol, made of coconut and sugar, and bolinhas, made of coconut juice and jaggery, will also be served.