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Donations Required to Renovate 3 Major Circles in City

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Mangalore, Nov 13: The MCC, upon obtaining the approval of the council, diverted funds originally meant to renovate Hampankatta, Bunts Hostel, and Ambedkar circles for asphalting 3 major roads. 

Mayor M Shankar Bhat said that the MCC has not discarded the idea of renovating these circles. The work would be done with the help of donations. K N Vijayaprakash, the commissioner of the corporation, informed press people that Vijaya Bank is willing to provide Rs 33 lakhs for the renovation of A B Shetty Circle.

Rs. 30 lakhs, originally meant to renovate Hampankatta Circle, will now be used to construct a tar road between NH 17 and Vishnumurthy Nagar; Rs 22.7 lakhs meant to renovate Bunts Hostel Circle will be used to tar a section of Malemar Road; and Rs. 26.35 lakhs meant to renovate Ambedkar Circle will be used to tar another section of Malemar Road.