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Meeting on Organizing a Food Festival at Vishwa Tulu Sammelan

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Mangalore, Nov 12: A meeting to discuss the organization of a food festival during the occasion of Vishwa Tulu Sammlan was held in Ujire on Nov 11, Wednesday. 

Mr. Pradeep Kumar Kalkura, the chairman of the meeting, said that food is of great importance in the life of the people of Tulunad; but people are forgetting the ancient culinary traditions of their ancestors because of modern developments. He appealed to those present to organize a food festival with the purpose of bringing back to life the ancient culinary traditions of the people of Tulunad. 

Kudupi Jagadish Shenoy, the entrepreneur; Ganesh Prasadji, the president of Jain Milan; Mr. Ashok Shetty; Vijayalakshmi Shetty; Narayan Hegde; Sadashiv Shetty; Samshad; and others offered valuable suggestions about successfully organising the food festival.