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Rains in DK and Udupi, Farmers Worried

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Udupi, Nov 9: DK and Udupi witnessed light rainfall on Sunday for a few hours. The atmosphere was cloudy and dark and places.

Pleasant showers fell on Subrahmanya, Kadaba, Puttur, Belthangady, Ullal, Talapady, Surathkal, Mulky, Udupi, Manipal, Karkal, Siddhapura, Kamalashile, Shankaranarayana, Kapu, Shirva, Padubidre, Brahmavar, Kota, Saligrama, Sastan, Kundapura, and Hebri.

On Saturday night, certain regions in DK witnessed thunder and lightening with rains. Border areas such as Kunjathoor and Manjeshwar witnessed moderate rainfall; and so did a few regions in Kundapur. 

While the residents of the city were glad to be relieved from heat and dust, the farmers and agriculturists were worried that they would lose their arecnut crop to rain-related diseases. 

Farmers were also afraid that the newly sowed seeds would be washed away by the rains. Moreover, the grain harvest is just ready for reaping; and farmers were worried that the rains would destroy the crops.