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Youth groups to oppose New Year’s Eve celebrations in Mangaluru

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Mangaluru, Dec 28, 2017: A section of fringe groups in the coastal city is again agitated. They have warned New Year’s Eve party organisers/ revellers that DJing, dance parties will not be allowed as it promotes obscenity and vulgarity. They said that year-end celebrations are not part of ’local culture’.

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The  groups urged authorities not to issue permission for any types of DJ parties and close down all establishments latest by 11pm. Leaders of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad who met T R Suresh, city police commissioner on Dec 27, Wednesday alleged that some of the hotels and pubs in city have organised vulgar dances and drug parties in the name of New Year celebrations.

Asked what is vulgar about the dance parties during New Year celebrations, Sharan Pumpwell, Bajrang Dal leader is reported to have said that girls below 18 years of age dancing with boys in public spaces after getting drunk is unacceptable. "The coastal Karnataka is grappling with ’Love Jihad’ issues. Putting these celebrations into good use, Jihadi elements are using this as a platform to lure girls from majority community to drugs and sex. We are against such parties which have become a medium for promoting or giving impetus to ’Love Jihad’," he alleged adding that some youths from Dakshina Kannada and Kerala are actively involved in such activities.

He said that they have requested city police not to grant permission such parties. "Most of the parties in Mangaluru cater to  youth from neighbouring state Kerala, who are also trouble mongers in these events. We will hold city police responsible if any untoward incidents take place be it scuffle or molestation," Sharan warned.

What’s their next move if permission is given to hold parties? "We will not protest, but we will think of our strategy once permission is issued," answered Sharan.

City police chief TR Suresh said that fringe groups allege youths from Kerala were using this gathering for ’Love Jihad’ activities and urged that all establishments should be shut down by 11pm. "However, we will follow new year guidelines issued by High Court," he said.