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You have the power to make the entire city clean: Swami Jithakamananda

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Mangaluru, June 16, 2019: Magic was a catalyst to motivate youth at the Sri Ramakrishna Mutt during the ‘Swacch Manas Programme’, accompanied by ‘Magic for Cleanliness’ at the Mutt on June 15, Saturday.

Students from 10 schools participated in the ‘Swacch Manas Programme’, which was an awareness programme on cleanliness. The programme boasts of reaching over 13,000 students so far. Under the ‘Magic for Cleanliness’, more than 100 shows had been organised so far to inculcate cleanliness among young minds through innovative and interesting magic show.

Ramakrishna mission

Ramakrishna mission

Ramakrishna mission

Ramakrishna mission

MRPL Group general manager B H V Prasad, who addressed the gathering on the occasion, commended the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in initiating the Swacch Mission. “As a public sector company, we have been mandated to support the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan. It forms an important part of the monthly meetings and is being reviewed at the highest level,” he added.

Further, the MRPL GM explained, “We also submit a Swacchata Action Plan every year, which monitors the progress and planning. Innovative programmes are held for people belonging to all age groups and strata of society.”

Former Member of Legislative Council Capt Ganesh Karnik addressed the students and told them, “Our minds are always filled with questions and dualities, but when we put our minds on something and focus, we can achieve something big,” he advised.

“There are 3,28,000 students in DK district, even if half of them throw candy wrappers on the ground, there will be 2,00,000 plastic pieces littering the streets. Knowing the consequences and repercussions of improper waste disposal helps us understand the importance of keeping the city clean. That is what we aim to achieve through the programme. We must, therefore, start now, not tomorrow,” Capt Karnik stressed.

Shivaramaiah, Dakshina Kannada deputy director of the Department of Public Instruction (DDPI), stressed on the importance of ‘My Waste, My Responsibility’.

Ramakrishna Mutt president Swami Jithakamananda told the students, “You have the power and strength to make the entire city clean. You have to just put your minds to it.”

He reminded that there has been a lot of progress made in Mangaluru and the old dump yards had been transformed into parks. “The habit of cleanliness must start early and must be inculcated in childhood. It is our duty to keep our home, our city and our country clean,” he added.

Badges and oath cards were distributed to the students, who later participated in a mass oath-taking ceremony.