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Unique Way of Celebrating Gandhi Jayanthi

A non-profit organization called Jnana Shikshana Trust has developed an innovative way of celebrating Gandhi Jayanthi. The organization will set aside the age-old tradition of hoisting the national flag, delivering lectures, and offering tributes. Instead, it will honor the Mahatma by inaugurating various tribal empowerment programmes associated with the National Rural Employment Guarantee Project (NREGP).


NREGP has selected certain Koraga families who will not only be given free fruit saplings, but also ample training on how to grow and take care of them. On October 2, the members of the trust, volunteers of Apna Desh, and representatives of the panchayatraj institutes will visit the colonies of Koraga communities and offer them help and support in developing their lands. The trust will also create awareness among the members of the Koraga community about NREGP, its various benefits, and how to avail of them.


Jnana Shikshana Trust has already played a very significant role in the success of the literacy campaign in Mangalore. The agency of the Union Rural Development Ministry, Capart, has selected the trust as a nodal agency.