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Udupi: Eco-friendly ’goodudeepas’ top during festive season

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Udupi, Oct 30, 2016: Reports say that  Puranik Kotian’s handmade, eco-friendly and attractive goodudeepa in the shape of a boat is attracting people in huge numbers. He has also made Tulsi katte, mantapa and houses shaped like crystal and airplanes.  The goodudeepa, considered an integral part of Diwali, is hung in every home from the first day of Diwali -- a gesture to invite the spirits of ancestors to return home and be blessed by them. They can be hung more attractively by blocking some of the lights behind.


The Tulunadu artist from Malpe said, "People here prefer local and handmade goodudeepas. Social media influences public choice to some extent. The demand is for goodudeepas made in India, and not the Chinese variety.

Though the price is bit higher than the Chinese stuff, people love traditional goodudeepas. Fishermen of Malpe are more attracted towards boat shaped special goodudeepas to hang them in their homes."

The normal goodudeepa, is 10 inch and maximum of 7ft. It costs Rs 200 to Rs 7,000. "I also make special small goodudeepa which can be fixed in three and four-wheelers. I get more orders for these, which cost just Rs 30 to Rs 50.  Trapthi Poojari from Brahmavar said Diwali is a festival of lights, so more importance is given to lights. "Though we keep diyas at home, it is for the short term, goodudeepas last long. A few people prefer to reuse old ones a few times, though I prefer to buy new ones every year as the trend keeps changing."