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Traffic jams haunt Mangalore

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Mangalore, Oct 2, 2014:   City witnessed perhaps the worst traffic jams on Oct 1, between 5 pm and 8 pm, throwing traffic completely out of gear in the entire City, according to several reportsavailable.

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The traffic hurdles which began at around 5 pm at Mahaveera Circle (Pumpwell) slowly spread to Kankanady, Balmatta, Nanthoor junction and many parts of the City. Passenger in a taxi said that it took 35 to 40 minutes to cover 200 metre stretch between Kankanady bypass and Pumpwell around 6pm.  A  driver, waited for about half an hour to reach Pumpwell from bypass road,  he was on this way to Ullal.

 A commuter of Balmatta, said it took nearly an hour to travel from Indiana Hospital to Balmatta in an autorickshaw. The heavy traffic on all sides on the highway  compelled the auto driver to take a short cut to Fr Muller hospital via Mahakalipadpu and Suvarna Lane, only to be caught in another traffic snarl near Fr Muller hospital. As there was another serpentine jam, the auto driver decided to go to Falnir and finally managed to reach Balmatta after about an hour. Usually, the distance may be covered in about five minutes.

Meanwhile, as traffic cops too found it difficult to manage the traffic, many enthusiastic youth opted to help the traffic cops in clearing the traffic. The traffic was cleared only after 8 pm.