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Torn notes dispensed by ATM worries customers

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Bantwal, June 7,2017:  Several customers who received torn notes from an ATM at Vittal on June 6, Tuesday were a disappointed lot as they had to face much travails to get the notes replaced.

Torn notes

Salettur resident Bashir who had withdrawn Rs 8000 which he needed to clear medical bills was in for a rude shock when the ATM dispensed four notes  of Rs 2000 denominations, all torn. Later three other customers who visited the ATM also got torn notes.

When  the manager of Karnataka Bank at Kadaba was  contacted, he promised to replace the torn notes when the cash vehicle arrives there. When the cash van did not arrive, the Bank officials said it had left for Subrahmanya and asked the aggrieved customers to come to Kadaba branch to exchange  notes.

The Bank authorities informed that the incident has been considered seriously  and an explanation has been sought from the CMS agency which fills ATM machines with cash.