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Thousands of silver fish washed ashore near Udupi

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Udupi, Sep 06, 2018: A variety of small fish called ‘Silver’, popular on this coast, was washed ashore near Amasekariya in Hejamady in Udupi district on Sept 5, Wednesday morning.


silver fish.

The residents of Hejamady, Mulki, Yermal and Palimar areas collected the fishes in a large quantity from the seashore in Hejamady.

Mangalore Research Centre (MRC) of Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI), Mangaluru, principal scientist Dr Prathibha Rohit said that the low oxygen level in the zones at sea may be the cause behind the phenomenon. However, she stressed on investigation.  The formation of low oxygen zones at sea is due to the upwelling which forces the fishes to the shore as the waves bring them along with them, she added.

Most of the fish were alive as they were caught by the people. The Silver fish are clustered living beings and their habitat is dense and deep sea.