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Sushreendra Theertha annointed as successor for Puthige Moola Mutt

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Mangaluru, Apr 23, 2019: Solemn anointing of Sushreendra Theertha Swami, the successor-designate of Puthige Mutt, was a simple ceremony as per tradition,  with the senior seer Sugunendra Theertha Swami performing the rituals of acceptance of his junior seer on April 22, Monday. 




All the other seers of Ashta Mutts did not participate in the rituals, including the seer of Puthige Mutt’s Dwandwa Mutt, Krishnapur Mutt seer Vidyasagara Theertha Swami.

Sushreendra Theertha was anointed as the 31st seer of the Puthige Mutt. He is originally known as Prashanth Acharya and hails from Kunjibettu in Kadiyali in Udupi.

The rituals took place in the original (Moola) mutt of the Puthige Mutt at Hiriyadka, under the guidance of the senior pontiff Sugunendra Theertha Swami.

The rituals took place in front of Moola Mutt’s presiding deity ‘Sthambha Narasimha Swami’ and the worshipping deity ‘Sri Veera Vittala’. The Muhurtham of the anointment was 10.10 am on April 22, Monday. The senior seer preached ‘Pranava Mantra’ before accepting Prashanth Acharya as his successor.

Earlier, the designated junior seer performed spiritual rituals as part of his renunciation of worldly pleasure and thereby giving way to the sainthood within himself. He performed ‘Loukika Vastra Parityaga’ followed by ‘Kashayavastra Sweekara’ on the banks of River Swarna. The rituals were performed under the guidance of mutt priest Herga Vedavyasa Bhat.

Son of Gururaj Acharya and Vinutha Acharya, Sushreendra Theertha Swami was duly accepted by the Puthige seer as his disciple and the rituals were performed right from the day one on Saturday, which commenced during the night. On Saturday, the rituals performed include ‘Veeraja Homa’, ‘Prayaschita Homa’, which were followed by ‘Atma Shraaddha’ ritual the previous day, Sunday.

April 22, Monday marked the finale of the ceremony and taking over the charge as the junior pontiff. Vidyendra Theertha of Chitrapura Samsthana graced the occasion. Scholars Panja Bhaskar Bhat and Ramanth Acharya performed the felicitation for the new junior seer.

Sugunendra Theertha Swami felicitated his junior’s parents on the occasion. Sushreendra Theertha Swami will undergo rigorous training as per Madhwa traditions for the next 12 years. He will learn Vedas at the Puthige Moola Mutt. The initiation of the new seer to the world of ‘Adhyatma’ was initiated by the Puthige seer. The senior pontiff recited ‘Manimanjari’ Shloka on the occasion.

The new seer studied in the English medium school in Kadiyali and Alike Satya Sai Education Institute.

On the occasion, Puthige mutt senior pontiff Sugunendra Theertha said that the Moola Mutt will be transformed into a world spiritual centre. He said he and his disciple will be involved in spreading Dharma all across the world.

He said that he also aims at institutionalising 108 ‘Shakha mutts’ of the mutt all over the globe. He said he was searching for an appropriate junior who can carry forward his legacy. He added that there is also the need for propagating the ‘Madhwa’ philosophies.

Sushreendra Theertha Swami said that he is keen on offering prayers to Udupi mutt presiding deity Sri Krishna, since his childhood.

“I was always inclined towards spirituality. I will follow the ideals of senior seer Sugunendra Theertha and ensure that I perform all my duties with highest dignity and devotion,” he said