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Stew served on AIE flight had worm found by passenger

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Mangalore, Sep 22, 2014: The caterer to Air India Express providing inflight meals at Mangalore, has been served a notice and warning after a passenger discovered dead worms in the breakfast served on board the Mangalore - Bahrain flight.  

wormsAIE Station Manager Nagesh Shetty said he has reported the matter to his seniors and the caterer has been warned. He said according to information given by the caterer, the vegetables used in the stew may be the cause.  The passenger was served roti, chutney and stew. The passenger had immediately brought this incident to the attention of the cabin crew and some passengers on that flight, knowing the matter passengers refused to have breakfast.

Sources stated  worms may have been in the cauliflower, which is known to have this infestation and the caterer may not have cleaned the vegetable sufficiently. The caterer has been asked to discontinue serving stews.  Shetty said as it is first offence, the catering bill of this flight will not be paid. "For the second offence, the entire month’s bill will be the penalty amount," he said. The AIE conducts random checks in the caterer’s kitchen. This has created mistrust.