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State Government has Approved Blueprint for Mangalore’s Development

Mayor M. Shankar Bhat said that the state government has approved the blueprint of a master plan the future development of Mangalore. He was chairing the Mangalore City Corporation (MCC) meeting, which is held every month.

Photo: Prajual


Regarding the difficulties faced by many people in obtaining door numbers, Mr. Bhat said: “One has to refer to the master plan and check if there is any solution for the problem of obtaining door numbers. Violation of construction laws is the major reason for this.” He added that humanitarian as well as legal aspects of the issue must be taken into consideration while seeking a solution to this problem. 

Corporator Naveen D’Souza said that MCC could withhold the licenses of commercial structures that deviated from the approved construction plans. However, this solution cannot be used for houses. The mayor responded that, while a door number was necessary for a number of purposes, people had a tendency to misuse door numbers too.

Photo: Prajual

The mayor also informed that the self-assessment scheme (SAS) sent for government approval is currently before the state cabinet. He said the he would press the government to look into the matter. He was quite confident that the state government would approve SAS by the end of October.

At the end of the meeting, there was severe opposition to the issue of supplying water to Udupi Power Corporation’s coal stacking yard at the New Mangalore Port. Earlier, Mr. Bhat had said that MCC would provide only 0.05 MGD water to the yard because Mangalore now had surplus water.