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Small bite, big threat: Simple ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes

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Mosquito bite can result in life-threatening diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, filariasis, and the zika virus.

They may seem small, but mosquitoes are one of the most fatal creatures that suck blood and transmit virus that can lead to life-threatening diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, zika, Japanese encephalitis and even filariasis. This makes is essential to keep your surroundings mosquito-free, especially during the monsoon season which sees an increase in mosquito-borne diseases.


To help you keep yourself safe from these pesky insects and enjoy the season, Dr Sandeep Patil, chief intensivist and physician, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan suggests a few simple ways.


Symptoms of a mosquito bite can be seen soon after being bitten. It is characterised by a round, red bump with a mark in the middle which usually causes an itching sensation. Some of the signs of a mosquito bite include:

*Dark spots that resemble bruising

*Redness/soreness *Headache/pain *Small bubble in place of hard bumps

It has been observed that inpiduals with weakened immune systems can experience additional symptoms, such as a rash or fever. However, the interesting fact is that symptoms become less critical with additional bites. This is because the body gradually adapts to these bites.



Prevention of mosquito bites is often more effective than trying to treat them, given the probable significance of the diseases that can be transmitted if bitten. Here are few preventive measures that can be undertaken to cope with mosquito bites:

Stay indoor: Even though mosquitoes can bite during any time of day, it s prudent to restrict your exposure during their key feeding times, especially in the evening. However, if it is unavoidable to being outdoors at these times of day, ensure to take enough precautions.

Cover up your skin when outdoors Ensure you avoid going to areas with heavy vegetation Use insect net/screens on doors and windows to keep them out. Use mosquito repellents

Wear appropriate clothing: Wear long pants and long sleeves when you go outdoors, and avoid bright clothing, perfumes, and scented beauty products. You can opt for long sleeved t-shirts and linen pants, both are a good options during sunny days.

Get rid of stagnant water around your home: Clear out any stagnating water to lower the odds of mosquitoes breeding around you and your family.

Don’t scratch: It is advisable to not to scratch, but instead leave the bite alone. When you scratch, it creates openings in your skin that allow bacteria in and cause infection.

To relieve the itch and lower your chances of an infection:

*Wash the area with soap and water
*Apply anti-itch cream *Place an ice pack on the bite *Apply over-the-counter mosquito repellent

Sticking to these basic tips, accompanied by practical mosquito control strategies, should offer complete protection from mosquito bites.