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Saudi employers said to mistreat Udupi woman

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Mangalru, Mar 16, 2017: Reports of a 46-year-old woman from Shirva in Udupi district is the latest victim of alleged Human Rights violations at Saudi Arabia. Her family of three back here, comprising three teenaged children, has sought the help of Human Rights Protection Foundation (HRPF), an NGO-based in Udupi to bring home their mother.

Saudi employerOn Tuesday, the eldest of three children, a teenaged daughter accompanied by representative of the NGO, sought the help of Arathi Krishna, deputy chairperson of NRI Forum, Karnataka, to rescue her mother. The 19-year-old student of computer science, who preferred to remain anonymous before the media-for the fear of harrowing times her mother has to endure (if the employer learns about it)-narrated the ordeal during the meeting presided over by Arathi at the DC’s office here.

The woman in question lost her husband in an accident in 2013. Her husband was a salesman, fending for the family of five that inlcuded the couple, two daughters and a son, now in the age group of 14 years, 17 years and 19 years. With no help in sight, the woman decided to take up a job and somehow learnt about job openings in Qatar. She came in contact with a local job contractor, who was working in tandem with his counterpart in Mumbai.

As the duo appeared unsuspecting, the woman bagged the offer and left Mangaluru for Mumbai in the early week of June last. However, it was only after sometime did the children learned about the travails faced by their mother.

Cut to what happened after June, the woman stayed at the contractor’s house for a week in Mumbai, before boarding a direct flight to Saudi Arabia, instead of Qatar as promised earlier. In the meantime, the contractors had exchanged money for sourcing manpower. She was employed as a maid servant at the house of a government employee at the city of Ambo in Saudi. The woman has been enduring difficult times with her employers torturing her to the hilt. Once she was hit on the head, left portion of the face near paralysed, said the daughter.

The job contractors have not been coming forward with the details of the employer that may make it easier to locate her.

"My mother is being paid regularly. She has been sending the money towards our upkeep here without fail but has been undergoing torture", the girl told reporters.

The woman calls her family once in a month and the last call received was on February 26. She has once made a vain bid to escape. The family has the contact number of driver of Saudi employer, the only help they are banking on.

According to the NGO, the local police in Karkala have registered a complaint in this regard and are also doing their best with regard to the case.