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Sadananda Suvarna Wins Karanth Award 2009


Mr. M. Sadananda Suvarna, a popular film and theater personality, has been announced as the winner of Karanth Award 2009. This prestigious award will be given away on the occasion of Shivaram Karanth’s 108th birth anniversary organized by the DK Sahitya Parishad, Sharada Pre-university College, and Kalkura Foundation. The event will be inaugurated on Oct 10 by the Mr. Pradeep Kumar Kalkura, the president of the parishad, and J. Krishna Palemar, the minister-in-charge for the district. 

Mr. Suvarna, a resident of Mumbai, was born in Mulky. He has written a number of plays in Kannada and has translated a number of plays to Kannada too. Some of his Tulu dramas are “Guddada Bhoota,” “Gondolu,” and “Kurudu Kanchana.” Some of his Kannada plays are “Dharmachakra,” “Suli,” “Nalvattara Nalugu,” “Court Marshal,” and “Ururlu.”

Mr. Suvarna has received a diploma by acting in the Maharashtra Natak Academy. He has also done a certificate course in photography. 

“Guddada Bhoota,” his TV serial, made him immensely popular. Later, he was lauded by many for his documentary on Shivaram Karanth, “Hucchu Manassina Hattu Mukhagalu.” His “Ghatashraddha,” directed by Girish Kasaravalli, received the prestigious Swarna Kamal Award. 

He owns the Suvarnagiri Publications, which focuses on encouraging budding Kannada writers. Mr. Suvarna’s Sadananda Suvarna Cultural Foundation has also been working hard to keep the memory of Karanth fresh and alive.