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Road crossing in city has become a great hazard for all -vehicle menace

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Mangaluru, Mar 26, 2016: Senior citizens explained how the elderly, on the busy Fr.Muller’s Road, faced this problem when they have to move out for essential work. The police are asked  to regulate movement of vehicles and provide proper crossing facility.  Complaints on the difficulty of crossing roads in the absence of better traffic/vehicle flow  control in the city dominated the phone-in programme held at the office of the Police Commissioner on March 24, Friday.

Road crossing


Assistant Commissioner of Police Valentine D’Souza said the police had already written to the MCC, Mangaluru City Corporation to build dividers on the roads. As corporation officials said that there are technical issues preventing them from building dividers, police officer  D’Souza said the police told them to mark the road with yellow paint in place of dividers. The police will suggest to the corporation to install road humps near bus stops.

A caller spoke about the difficulty in crossing the road near the Town Hall and Kankanady Circle, A J Shetty circle in Pandeshwar and so on. He said the zebra crossing was not clearly marked at these locations and other areas in the city. The caller asked officer D’Souza to take steps for clear marking of zebra crossings and also repairing road humps.  Vehicles must slow down or stop to assist road crossing.

A resident of Kudroli asked the police to take steps to regulate movement of vehicles on the Alake Road that was recently widened and upgraded as a concrete road.  D’Souza said steps to regulate movement of vehicles will be taken once the concrete road work was completed.

Sirens a menace  :   A caller from Mulky asked the police why they were providing police escort to Chandrashekara Swami when he visited the ashram in Mulki.   The caller claimed that the swami had not enjoyed police escort in Bengaluru. However, whenever he visited Mulki, the police escorted him using the siren, causing a nuisance. The siren has restrictions in use, the caller said many such things need to be curbed.