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Renowned escape artiste Dean Gunnarson ’buried alive’ Feb 21, 7 pm to Feb 22, 7 pm

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Udupi, Feb 22, 2015   :  Saturday February 21 crowds of spectators witnessed a  ’Buried alive’ performance by one of world’s greatest escape artiste from Canada, Dean Gunnarson, who entertained and awed with his great escape act.  Dean  was buried in a box 6 feet under the ground at Christian High School‐PU College Ground on Saturday at 7.03 pm. He will remain in this condition for 24 hours, and escape from the pit  Sunday February 22, around 7 pm.

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Dean had last visited Udupi in 2001 for ’Gili Gili 2001’ International Magicians Convention organized by the Shankars. He performed the straight jacket escape at a height of 152 feet from ground level. This act was was attended by  thousands at the Ajjarkad ground.  On this occasion ’Gili Gili Magic’ has been organized by Prof Shankar and Shankar Junior Udupi, Dean Gunnarson and Cary Tardy from Canada are in special appearance.

Prior to  occupying the box that was exclusively made for the stunt, Gunnarsan was tied in chains, with four locks securing them. He gave thought to his dear ones saying he needed to be very strong person mentally and physically, as he had be without food, water and air etc....for the next 24 hours. He was pleased with the crowd turn out.

The iron box in which he was placed in a pit weighed 300 kg. There was camera placed inside through which he could talk to audiences. where the stunt would be telecast. He was equipped with a mattress and an oxygen cylinder. The box was also fitted with two ventilation pipes to control the air flow and temperature and two fans, as Gunnarson had come from Canada where temperature presently is below zero celsius, to a place where it is above 30 degree celsius, and it was a difficult task to adjust even in normal surroundings.  Gunnarson forms part of a 11 member team, among whom two, Cary and Jeff, systematically monitor his condition during the stunt.

People are visiting the spot since last evening.  Gunnarson escapes from the box and digs himself out at about 7 pm today Sunday Feb 22.  Throngs of people from all walks of life and all ages, watch in amazement till the climax of his escape.

Recap :    Dean Gunnarson is termed as an international award-winning Canadian escape artiste,  noted for a series of large scale spectacular stunts done for television. Gunnarson has appeared on television in over 166 countries around the world performing his daring escapes. He has taken his amazing escape shows into countries like Egypt, Iceland, Italy, France, Columbia, Venezuela, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and many more. Gunnarson has performed over 500 shows across China and his TV escapes have been seen by millions of people there. In 2012 the Chinese Government presented him with award of "The World’s Top Escape Artist" after a successful escape on live TV. He has also performed across Canada and the US on TV, fairs, shopping malls, sporting events, and for many of the countries top business houses.

Gunnarson has been a technical adviser and consultant for reputed movie companies and general organizations, TV shows, theatrical productions, music videos, documentaries and many different types of corporate productions. He has been asked to share his expertise and knowledge on Houdini on several platforms. He also worked with The Library of Congress in Washington, DC on their extensive Houdini collection. One of his most rewarding projects was working as a magic adviser to Oscar winning actor Ben Kingsley on the set of the children’s movie entitled "Spooky House". In deed the Udupi and Kanara admirers are a fortunate lot to have a ring side view. All concerned are wishing the great man all good that can be wished for.