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Private bus owners take initiative for uniform colour code in city

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Mangaluru, May 07, 2019: The subject of ‘ uniform colour coding’ to have a single colour for all the private city buses in the city had been put forth during the smart city meeting three months back, but it has not yet been implemented officially. But a few self-motivated bus owners have already implemented this rule.


bus.jAccording to the proposal put forth during the smart city meet,  all private city buses will be painted in blue colour with three white running along the sides at the bottom. But the meeting expressed the opinion that the final decision regarding the issue could be taken only in another meeting. Later, elections were declared and the Model Code of Conduct came into effect because of which no meeting could be held.

Amidst this, self-motivated private bus owners, not waiting for the decision to be taken repainted their vehicles in the prescribed colour code.

Giving a single colour to the buses is convenient for the vehicle owners. They now do not need to spend huge amounts to get their buses painted to look attractive. There is no opportunity to paint artistic pictures on the sides of the vehicle. Thus, such expenses will be saved. But, there is a possibility that passengers may be prone to a bit of confusion since all the buses shall appear similar. However, it will be a temporary effect. There is a premise that the passenger is supposed to look at the board on the bus and confirm its route before boarding the bus. Gradually the right system will catch on.

In Kerala :  The colour coding system was introduced in Kerala in the month of February 2018. The bus colour here is green with three white lines running along either sides at the bottom. The code for limited stop buses is maroon with three white lines running along either sides at the bottom.