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Nuns at forefront of protests against rape-accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal, expelled

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Kerala, Jan 16, 2019 : As to News 18 reports, Four of the five nuns who were at the forefront of protests against rape-accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal have been asked to leave the convent in Kottayam.



Sister Anupama, Sister Ancitta, Sister Alphy and Sister Josephine have been asked go back to the convents they were earlier assigned by the Missionaries of Jesus.

The letter was sent by the Superior General Regina Kadamthottu. One of the nuns had filed the rape complaint against Bishop Franco Mulakkal. Later, the five nuns had come out in protest demanding Mulakkal’s arrest.

The nuns have been staying at the convent in Kuravilangadu, Kottayam, and have been asked to leave immediately.

The transfer orders, however, date back to 2017 and March 2018. The nuns had refused to vacate then saying that they would not leave their friend alone. The nuns are alleging that the orders are motivated as they rallied behind the rape survivor.

According to the letter by Mother General, Sister Anupama has been asked to go back to Chamiyari community in Punjab, where she was appointed as one of the members in March 2018.

Sister Ancitta has been asked to join the Pariyaram community, Kannur, where she was shifted to in May 2018.

Sister Alphy has been asked to join the Pakartala community in Bihar, where she was appointed as the Mother Superior in May 2017, while as Sister Josephine was appointed as Superior at Lalmatia community in Jharkhand in May 2017.

The Superior General, however, has not asked Sister Nina Rose, the fifth nun, who was part of the protest, to leave.

The letter also stated that they “in their individual capacity and personal conviction chose to support the legal battle seeking justice in the case and is appealing to return to the community and take up their assigned responsibility.”