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No road constructed, grant sanctioned years ago

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Kunjathbail, July 12, 2018: The residents make use of steps to reach the roads and vehicles here.  Those owning vehicles cannot take them to their homes. Road is an urgent demand of the people in this region. Ironically, the officials have cut down the steps that the people were using.

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The residents of Basavanagar in Kunjathbail are spending their days devoid of the minimum basic facility of a road. But, even though it has come to their notice, the related representatives of the people have remained silent.

Negligence of the representatives of the people


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Since many years, the steps existing here was the only way for the residents here to walk. A few years back, a grant was sanctioned for the creation of a road to connect Jyotinagara, Basavanagara,and Ramanagara. But, the representatives of the people are not showing any interest. Hence, the people are forced to climb the age old steps and reach the city through a detour. If the road is created in this region, the road is only 200 meters away.

Due to the installation of pipelines, the steps have gone completely dysfunctional. The officials who dug up the steps to solve the water problem have left it as is and not provided a facility for the people to walk around.

“Many individuals have already fallen and injured themselves from these steps that are impossible to walk on. We have appealed many-a-times with former MLA and Deputy Mayor on this issue. Yet, they have taken no action,” says a local here.

Earlier, contractors had come forward to repair the dug up stairs at Basavanagar in Kunjathbail. But the residents here insisted that they did not want steps; instead needed a road. Since the width is very less, there is a lack of space here to create a road. Besides, close to four-and-a half-month period the election Model Code of conduct was in place and hence it was not possible to do any work here. On the 16th of last month, I have written to the corporation to grant the money from S.F.C fund. Also, I have informed the Infrastructure Development Committee to conduct a study on the possibility of road creation,” informs Deputy Mayor.