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No Love Jihad in Islam Mohammed Musliar

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Mangalore, Nov 12: “There is no Love Jihad in Islam. This is just another ploy to destroy the communal peace of the country,” said Mohammed Musliar, Assistant Khazi, Mangalore. He was speaking at a conference on Love Jihad held today at Zinath Baksh Yathim Khana in Mangalore. The Khazis of Mangalore and Udupi as well as various religious heads met today in order to discuss Love Jihad. 




Musliar also said that, when Pramod Muthalik is talking about Beti Bachavo, he doesn’t really know what he is talking about because he does not have any children. He said that Muslims are ready to support him if he is really fighting for a cause. 

He said that the word “Jihad” is a sacred Islamic word, which means “protection of religion and people.” Islam never encourages forced conversions. On the contrary, it allows those who wish to leave Islam to do so peacefully and freely. Jihad is a holy word, which some anti-social elements are misinterpreting in order to destroy the peace of the country. 

Musliar also said that the Hindus are a tolerant people who freely welcomed religions such as Islam and Christianity to thrive in their midst. However, certain anti-social elements are now trying to use religion in order to create disturbances. He assured that, like all religions, Islam is a religion of peace. 

Prof Pattabhi Rama Somayaji, lecturer in Mangalore University, spoke in the conference, and said the minorities have been neglected and side-stepped for several years, which is adversely affecting not only the members of minority communities, but also Hindus. This is nothing but the ploy of certain associations to break the unity of Indian society; and a solution has to be urgently sought for this problem.