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Navakarnataka annual Book Exhibition Inaugurated

The Navakarnataka annual book exhibition, Karnataka’s largest and oldest book exhibition, has arrived for the 45th time this year at Bharatiya Vidhyabhavan, Pandeshwar.  






Mr. B. V. Kakkillaya, the octogenarian communist leader and thinker and former MLA, inaugurated the event.  On the same occasion, Mr. Narendra Rai Derla, the progressive farmer and thinker, released 4 new books and encouraged readers to purchase and read them.  

This year, more than 1 lakh books in Kannada, English, and Hindi are displayed at this exhibition. Book lovers can purchase these books at a discount of 10 percent. Moreover, the organizers are giving away a gift to every buyer who purchases books worth more than Rs. 500.  

Mr. Harish Kumar, the branch manager of Navakarnataka Publications, said that the exhibition includes books for different types of tastes, preferences, and age groups. Visitors will find text books, commentaries, dialogues, popular novels, documentaries, treatises, and many more—including a huge collection of children’s books. The books exhibited are in a variety of subjects such as science, humanities, medicine, cookery, economics, tinsel world, history, engineering, novels, culture, politics, entertainment, and so on.  

The book exhibition will be in Mangalore for 20 days from October 1 – 10. Interested people can visit between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.