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Mangaluru : Youth Ďassaultsí Surathkal stationmaster

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Mangaluru, July 10, 2015: As per statement of Surathkal police, a 17-year-old boy assaulted the stationmaster of Surathkal Railway Station for being questioned for entering the station without a platform ticket.   The boy, Charan D had been traced and arrested. He has been booked for assault of a government official and also obstructing official discharge of duty.

Railway Statio.It was said Charan started quarrelling with the ticket checking staff when he was questioned for entering the railway platform without a valid ticket. He had entered the station when the Matsyagandha Express arrived at 9.40 a.m.  When Stationmaster Rajesh intervened, Charan hurled abuses and assaulted him. The boy then ran away from the railway station. The injured Rajesh was treated at the Primary Health Centre, Surathkal, and he later filed a complaint with the Surathkal police station.