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Mangaluru: Traffic police drive against loud and shrill horns

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News & Photos by: Prashanth Nayak

Mangaluru, Feb 21, 2017: Despite many raids and road blocks by Mangaluru City Traffic Police (MCTP), the menace of blaring noisy horns on the public vehiclesin the city continues to trouble people.

As complaints about loud and shrill horns were received in abundance during"Phone in" programme conducted by the Comissioner of Police, On the orders from DCP Crime and Traffic Dr.Sanjeev Patil, under guidance of Tilak Chandra ACP traffic sub division, Mohan Kottary, Police Inspector of traffic West and Team launched ’Stop Shrill Horn drive’ to crack down on vehicles specially buses that use air/ vaccum horns. Police had removed air horns from over 70 buses in the city. About 150 - 200 buses were intercepted and shrill horns removed from them. 


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A senior ENT  doctor in the city, stated that traffic police’s drive against shrill horns is a good move. This drive should continue till all vehicles are made to follow rules. The menace of loud horn is much more in Mangaluru compared to Bengaluru. Cases should be booked and heavy penalty levied, if vehicles are found using shrill horns repeatedly.  The Doctor also said he requestsMangalore traffic police to continue with the checking of loud horns.  Because, they are again back and the damage they can cause in great. 

Tilak chandra, ACP (traffic), said that the MCTP’s drive against shrill horns will be continued and stringent action taken against repeat offenders. Horns that produce more than 65 db of noise from more than 150 buses have been removed.

The drive is a part of an awareness programme and in next phase, we will book cases and make violators pay penalty.