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Mangaluru: Fisherman rescued at sea

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Mangaluru, 17 August 2018: A fisherman who accidentally fell off his fishing boat Krishna Maruthi unaware by his other crew members at 10 am on August 16, about 20 nautical miles off Panambur beach was miraculously rescued by New Mangalore Port Authorities.



As soon as it came to the knowledge of the crew members of the fishing vessel that their co-worker is missing they alerted all the other boats and Police about the tragedy and searched in vain. 

In the mean time a specific message of a person in distress being spotted in mid sea by a Merchant Vessel passing the shipping lanes off the west coast was received by the New Mangalore Port Authorities and they swung into action.

Captain S.R.Patnaik, Deputy Conservator of NMPT observed that the Coast Guard vessel which was far off from the location may take time to reach the spot, hence he took a bold decision to instruct and guide a passing Merchant Ship MT Pacific Lagoon bearing a Liberian Flag on its way to Port Fujairah, UAE to the location to rescue the fisherman. 

The Captain of MT Pacific Lagoon obliged and located the fisherman at about 5 pm with the location details sent by NMPT and rescued the fisherman. The ship then took a detour to come to the mouth of NMPT wherein the Fisherman was shifted to NMPT Pilot vessel where he was given first aid.

The fisherman has been identified as Nagraj attached to the fishing boat ‘Krishan Maruti’.

“This monsoon season NMPT has been proactive in avoiding natural disasters off the sea coast by giving unhindered access to all fishing vessels to the port and have and earned goodwill of the fishing community of Dakishna Kannada,” says Yathish Baikampady, CEO, Panmbur Beach Tourism Development Project.

Earlier report:

Fisherman rescued

A man who had fallen off a fishing vessel at sea was today rescued by a passing merchant ship under directions from New Mangalore Port with assistance from Indian Coast Guard.

According to information reaching here a man overboard situation was reported to NMPT at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, 16th August at a site situated 12 nautical miles off Mangalore. NMPT officials immediately located a merchant ship ‘MT Pacific Lagoon’ which was close by to the distress area. They then directed the ship to recover the man who had fallen overboard.

fisherman resuced

After ‘MT Pacific Lagoon’ complied with the request and retrieved the man, it has been directed to approach NMPT harbour mouth for disembarkation of the rescued fisherman. NMPT also liaised for providing tug, according to sources from the Indian Coast Guard.

The person rescued has been identified as Nagraj and he had reportedly fallen overboard from the fishing boat ‘Krishan Maruti’.

More details are awaited.