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Mangalore Institute of Fashion Technology Organizes Fashion Flash

The Mangalore Institute of Fashion Technology (MIFT) organized its annual fashion show Fashion Flash ‘09 at the Town Hall at 6 p.m. on October 1. During this programme, students of fashion displayed their best designs.






Mr. M. G. Hegde, the chairman of MIFT, said that the Indian fashion industry is fast growing and carving a definite niche for itself in the international market. Fashion technologists in South India have found important positions abroad or have set up extremely successful businesses at home. They are also producing the most innovative designs in the fashion industry. 

Mr. Hegde also said that the fashion industry in India is worth several crores of dollars and that India was a favorite in the world of fashion technology. The ethnic designs of India are very much in demand all over the world. 

Mr. Hegde informed that several students of MIFT had already bagged overseas assignments or found significant positions in some of the largest fashion design companies in the country. 

Fashion enthusiasts say that the MIFT annual fashion show is getting better and better as the years pass. This year’s fashion show featured designs from China, India, Europe, and other western countries.