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Mahila Congress Convention inaugurated by Mamatha Gatty

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Mangaluru, Sep 26, 2016: District President of Mahila Congress Mamatha Gatty inaugurated Mahila Congress convention at Kanthi Church Hall, Mangaladevi today September 26, Monday.

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Addressing the gathering she said that, Congress party has a long history and gave opportunity for women of all sections to come forward. Congress needs to be remembered for enforcing several schemes for women.She further stated that, Indira Gandhi showed lot of concern towards women and laid strong foundation by contributing for the welfare of the Congress party.

Speaking about "Women and Politics" Director of Deeds Merlyn Maartis said that, there was a time when women were sidelined by the society and also in the political field. It has been a million dollar question why women need to enter politics but it is right of women and through politics women will open up to raise voice against the ongoing situation of the society.

During the process women faced lot of challenges, first from the family, second challenge was economic crisis and women feel uncomfortable as politics is preferred for men, which was the third challenge faced by women in political field, said Merlyn Maartis.

Speaking on the occasion MLA JR Lobo said that, Women are the strength of the society and the party. Indira Gandhi has been inspiration for women of all section to come forward.

Meanwhile Senior Congress Representative Gangamma Bajal was felicitated during the occasion.

DK Congress Interim Congress President Ibrahim Kodijaal, Balakrishna Shetty, Corporator Appi, Asha D Silva, Media Convener TK Sudhir and others were present.