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Kundapur : Ancient inscription of Vijayanagara period found in Kandavara

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Kaup, July 2, 2015 : An inscription of the times of Vijayanagara ruler Krishnadevaraya has been found at Kandavara in Kundapur taluk.

According to Prof. T Murugeshi, Associate Professor in the Department of History and Archaeology of  Mulki Sunder Ram Shetty College of Shirva, the writings have been found on a rectangular shaped stone and is in Kannada script and language.

Kundapur : Ancient inscription of Vijayanagara period found in Kandavara

If generally the inscriptions of the times of Vijayanagara kingdom begin with a Shloka, in this case it  has begun with Swasti Shree and that the inscription has 30 lines. As it is mentioned as Shukla Samvatsava Maagha Maasa, it is  believed that it  dated back to 1509 AD  during the first year of the rule of Krishnadevaraya. The inscription also states that Barkur was ruled by Mallappa Odeyaru during those times.

The inscription also has a mention of the donation made  towards the Karthika Pooja of Lord Karthika of Kandavara, i.e Skandapura of the past seeking good health, wealth and well-being of Krishnadevaraya. The inscription ends with prayers to Lords Shiva and Ganapathi.

Prof. Murugeshi informed that the local Temple Managing Trustee Subraya Udupa, Dr B Venkatramana Udupa and  Madhava Adiga have assisted in studying the inscription.