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Kudroli Temple plans unique Diwali: 5000 widows to offer Lakshmi Pooja

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Mangalore, Oct 18, 2014: Diwali celebrations this year the Sri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple at Kudroli in Mangalore on October 23 will  witness  another path-breaking  move. This time as many as 5000 widows will perform pooja to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi at the Temple on the auspicious occasion.

Poojary press ...

Poojary press ...

Poojary press ...



Informing this to reporters here on October 18,  former union minister B Janardhana Poojary  said  the silver chariot of the temple will be pulled and taken around the temple after the deities are offered pooja by the Temple’s women priests Lakshmi, Indira Shanthi, Lakshmi Shanthi and Chandravathi.

Poojary said interested women, irrespective of caste and creed can participate in the rituals and added they will however have to register their names at the temple at 9 am that day. The rituals will begin at 10 am, he informed and added there would also be a  Anna Santharpane at the temple during the day.

The participating widows will be offered a sari, blouse piece and a  box of kum kum on behalf of the temple, he informed.

On this occasion, Poojary also  urged people to  allow widows too to offer Lakshmi Pooja at their respective homes.

Referring to the recent media reports on the opinion of a few on legalising prostitution, Poojary strongly opposed any such move and said instead efforts must be made  to provide jobs to sex workers and help them be self-reliant.