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Kasargod: Bring BJP for total change in Kerala. Reject politics of adjustment

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Kasaragod, May 08: Bring BJP for total change in Kerala. Reject politics of adjustment.  The politics of compromise and contract between the UDF and the LDF has so far ruled Kerala whose educated electorate have been "insulted" by the two sides, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi said today at Kasargod in an election campaign.

"A new model of politics has come up in Kerala. It is an adjustment politics, politics of compromise, politics of corruption and politics of contract to save each other," he said at an election meeting here.


BJP_modi in Ke...


BJP_modi in Ke...

"It is a contract rule between UDF and LDF. For five years you rule and for another five years we will rule". This is how the two Fronts have been returning to power in the state, Modi said attacking the two Fronts in the state.

Embarking on his second leg of electioneering for the May 16 assembly polls in Kerala, Modi took a swipe at the tie-up between Congress and CPI(M) in West Bengal and said both these parties were "insulting" the educated people of Kerala and they should understand the adjustment politics of the two parties.


BJP_modi in Ke...








BJP_modi in Ke...


BJP_modi in Ke...

He also attacked the CPI(M)’s "politics of violence" and said the Marxist party led Left Democratic Front’s Chief Ministerial candidate was an accused in a case relating to the murder of BJP worker at Thalassery years ago.

"Congress leaders in Kerala talk about the violence unleashed by CPI(M) cadres in the state, but when they go to West Bengal, they say only Communists can save West Bengal", he said.



"I want to ask the educated people of the state if they would trust the parties who speak two languages in two places at one time", Modi asked.

"This election is not about who will form the government in Kerala, but who will save Kerala and who will give jobs to Kerala’s youths and secure their future", Modi said.