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Jeppu Patna Covid-19 patientís travel history leaves everyone shocked

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Corona patient travel histroyMangaluru, May 18, 2020: The travel history of the 31 year old man from Jeppu Patna in Mangaluru who has tested positive for Covid-19,  has shocked officials as well as public alike.

It has been gathered that the man who was in Delhi had   travelled  in various vehicles to reach his  home town and had also managed to escape from the eyes of checkpost officials.

However, once he arrived in Mangaluru, his parents refused to allow him into the house and had asked him to undergo Covid-19 test. Thereafter he had reportedly stayed alone in his grandparents house  nearby and had recently got tested at a private hospital at Derlakatte and the report  has confirmed that he has Covid-19.

During his ten day stay  he had visited various places and also met several relatives and had also travelled  by autorickshaws. Officials are now at a loss as to how  to zero in on all  the persons whom he was in touch.