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Illegal sand mining in Phalguni a continuing menace

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Bajpe, May 21, 2015: According knowledgeable sources, Phalguni river, between Malali and Polali has become a place for illegal sand mining . Though local villagers have lodged complaints against this to the police and the mining department, no suitable has been initiated.

Phalguni river.

The area between Malali market and Polali temple which is connected by Phalguni river has become a witness to continuous mining where heavy equipment  like JCB are used to lift sand.

When the villagers protested against this, the illegal activities abated a bit. But recently, the activities  have resumed with JCB excavators and tipper lorries continuously picking up sand which has resulted in the draining of Phalguni. Regarding this matter, a local approached the sand miners and requested to not indulge in such activities but this was of little use.

Regarding this, the locals had requested the Bajpe police station to take action. But the police have said that they have been directed to not take any operations against sand mining.

The police department accepted the complaint filed by the people and assured them that they would correct matters soon. May 17, Sunday, when the police reached the place, the illegal vehicles had vanished. It is believed that there is insider information to  sand miners about the moves of the police.

Losing hope  villagers brought this to the notice of Mining and Geology department, but no response has been received. When the Minister for Youth and Sports, Abhaychandra Jain was informed about the continuing illegal mining of sand, he responded by saying that he has directed the police and mining department to take action to stop illegal mining.