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Honnavar: Accused himself injured in an attempt to throw crude bomb at Bhatkal MLA

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Bhatkal, Feb 26, 2018 : Accused himself suffered injuries in an attempt to throw crude bomb at Bhatkal MLA Mankal Vaidya during a public function organised at Honnavar on February 25, Sunday night.


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The accused has been identified as Raymond Jerald. He suffered injuries on his hands and several parts of the body.

Reports said that Bhatkal-Honnavar Constituency MLA Mankal Vaidya had attended a district level volleyball tournament in Hosad village here on Sunday night. A huge crowd had gathered, the public gathered there had noticed a person looking suspicious had something  in his hands . He tried to run way by the time it the crude bomb  in his hands exploded. However he was taken to police custody. His hands were full of blood and scratches were also seen in other parts of his body.

The major tragedy was averted when the bomb got blasted in the hands of the accused who was attempting to throw it on the stage. However, he sustained severe burn injuries to his hands.  Luckily, none other than the accused were injured.

Investigation are underway.