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Govt must direct ESCOMs to waive off power bills during lockdown : KPCC Spokesperson P V Mohan

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Mangaluru, May 19, 2020:  The Congress has urged the State Government to instruct the Electricity Supply Companies  to waive the electricity bills of  consumers  who are hit hard due to the lockdown.


P V Mohan19may


P V Mohan19may


Speaking to reporters here on May 19, Tuesday, KPCC Spokesperson P V Mohan also drew the attention towards the Union Government’s Covid-19 economic package wherein Rs 90,000 crore is earmarked  for power supply companies with an assurance to provide concessions to   electricity companies which reach out the facilities to the consumers.

 He said the Congress urges the government to stop collecting electricity bills until the various facilities  announced by the   Central government  are implemented.

He said in the present lockdown times, the act of the   Electricity Supply Companies to issue bills on average basis even to educational institutions, small industries etc which were closed down, was unjustifiable.

He also alleged that the Electricity Supply Companies in Karnataka were exploiting the consumers  through exorbitant price of electricity per unit while it is possible to supply power at the rate of Rs 3.50 to Rs 4.50 per unit.  He referred to Delhi which  provides electricity free of cost up to the first 100 units and then  supplies electricity at the rate of Rs 2.50 per unit for the next 200 to 400 units. "When Delhi which does not have large dams  or private generation units  as in Karnataka can provide electricity at cheap rates, why can’t Karnataka?, "he questioned.

 He said the Congress wants  the  government to make public the Power Purchase Agreements between the government and private power generation companies and also to bring out a White Paper regarding  purchase of coal, purchase rate, quality and various other aspects relating to power generation.