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GPs at Ambalpady, Kadekar object to sewage discharge by CMC

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Udupi, Dec 28, 2016: In the aftermath of sewage water from Udupi city municipality drain flowing into the storm-water drain in Ambalpady village.   The two gram panchayats submit memorandum to Deputy Commissioner. The Kadekar and Ambalpady Gram Panchayats (GPs) have objected to the Udupi City Municipal Council (CMC) discharging its sewage water into the storm-water drain built by both the panchayats for clearing rainwater.




In a memorandum submitted to Deputy Commissioner T. Venkatesh, both the panchayats and residents of the area urged the district administration to restrain the Udupi CMC from discharging the sewage water of the municipality into the storm-water drain. The CMC should construct a system to divert the sewage water to a different direction.

The administration should take steps to construct a vented dam so that excess water during the monsoon could flow through the storm-water drain to the West of the National Highway 66. Due to the CMC’s mistake, the people of the area had to bear the stench of the sewage water. This had made life difficult for them.

The entire storm-water drain was now filled with sewage water. The wells close to the storm-water drains had got affected. It was also affecting agriculture in the area.  The CMC was spraying insecticide to show that it was taking action in the matter. But this had not made any difference.

Already, both the panchayats had submitted memorandums to the CMC in the matter and urged it stop the flow of sewage water into the storm-water drain. But this had not elicited any proper action. The CMC should clean the sewage from the storm-water drain at its own cost. This was because the budgets of the panchayats were much smaller to bear the enormous cost of cleaning the storm-water drain, the memorandum said.