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Fishermen worried as sea turns green near Karwar

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Karwar, Aug 18 2017: The sea water at the Rabindranath Tagore beach here has turned green much to the chagrin of the fishermen and local residents. The fisherfolk, startled by the colour of the waves hitting the shore, called up the office of the ocean biology study centre.


Jagannath N Rathod, chairman of the centre, assistant professor Shivakumar Haragi and their students came to the spot and examined the extent of the water contamination.They took the water samples with them.

Jagannath said the green colour and the stench could be because of the minerals that get mixed with the water due to rainwater and sewage coming into the sea and the subsequent growth of algae.

The experts said there is no danger to the sea creatures due to the contamination and fishermen need not worry.

Haragi told DH that water has never turned green in the last 10 years.

He said steps should be taken to prevent water contamination.

He said they would conduct tests on the water samples at their lab and submit a report on the contaminants in the samples to the deputy commissioner.

Courtesy: DHNS