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Feast of St Mariam Baourdy marked at Rosario on Aug 26th

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Mangaluru, Aug 27,2016 : At the Rosario cathedral, where the statue of St. Mariam Baourdy is housed and venerated with  that of recent st. Joseph Vaz (who alos lived in our City)  The fest of St. Mariam Baourdy was marked in a special manner at the morning and evening mass with special prayers and blessings for those who could be present as well as for those who could not. In deed it is fortunate that Mangaluru can be associated eith this saint in the catholic church here.





The Cloistered convent  nuns at Kankanady cloister are yet in celebration of their  pioneer, who also lived in Mangaluru  (1870 to 1872), St .Mariam Baouardy whose  religious name was "Sr Mary of Jesus  Crucified", canonized in Rome on  May 17, 2015. There is indeed much to  ponder that Mangaluru has this good  fortune to see two of it’s former religious  resident to be declared saint.  The unique and enigmatic French Arab Nun  lived in Mangaluru for two years 1870-72, a French citizen of Lebanese origin. She is "Mariam Baouardy" her religious name "Sr Mary of Jesus Crucified". In  1870 she came from France with a band  of Pioneer ’Carmelites’ and lived in the  present Carmel Convent, St. Ann’s. At the Kankanady cloister which came up through the saint’s blesings as it is seen has a special place and regular prayers to this saint.

St. Ann’s convent as it is still called, near  Rosario Cathedral, was formerly the barracks of the British military and later,  even when the convent opened the first  Post Office of Mangaluru was housed here. 

The tiny room or cell where the holy nun  lived and prayed and the old oratory/chapel  where on November 21, 1871 she took  her first vows are treated as sacred and   preserved even today here. She died at the young age  of 33 on August 26, 1879. The important  convent she founded in Bethlehem, reflects  her greatness today. This saint is rapidly gaining a place in the hearts of the local people.