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Ex-MLA Lobo refutes allegations that he was responsible for recent floods

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Mangaluru, June 02, 2018: Former MLA of Mangaluru South J R Lobo has refuted the allegations of  opposition leaders  that  he was to be blamed  for the recent floods in Mangaluru, and has clarified that he was in no  way to be blamed for the problem.


MLA Lobo 2ju

MLA Lobo 2j

Speaking to reporters here on June 2, Saturday,  he said  the city was flooded as it was the first time that the city received 24 cm of rainfall on a single day. Though there were floods in 1974 and then in 2003 the extent of rainfall was not this high earlier, he said.

On the allegations that the floods were the result of the five years of development under his tenure, Lobo said he  was not responsible for the execution of the projects for which he manages to secure funds from the government.

He also questioned if the MP could be blamed for the floods at Pumpwell, Kottara, Padil and Bajal Underpass ? He said he would not like to criticise anyone, but at the same time  said the delay in the flyover works has led to the problem in some areas.